About us

Dearborn High School Parent Faculty Student Association (PFSA)

The parents, faculty and students of Dearborn High are PFSA!

Our purpose is to foster a good working relationship between home and school by encouraging parental involvement in volunteer programs and school activities. Your participation will provide you the opportunity to stay aware of what is happening at DHS.

We encourage all parents to attend our general meetings, which are held on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m.  Due to Covid-19, they will be virtual meetings until the the students are back in school physically.  Meetings typically include discussions of topics pertinent to the general membership, suggestions and discussion for new programs for  the school community, updates on PFSA finances, and information on current programs and fundraisers.

Throughout the school year, we:

  • Produce the “Pioneer Post”, printing and mailing costs are partially funded by your membership. This publication provides information on school news,  class activities and upcoming events. It is mailed to every family (non –custodial parents may request a copy).
  • Provide chaperones for school dances throughout the year. 
  • Provide refreshments for Open House in the fall and the Staff Appreciation  Luncheon in May.
  • Assist the administration by coordinating decorations for the Academic Achievement Awards (Nov) and Senior Honors Night (June)
  • Assist with student registration in August, as well as other administration requests as needed.
  • Provide Scholarship Awards to deserving DHS students (Must be a PFSA member for at least 2 years, including senior year).

Membership dues make up a large percentage of PFSA income.  Your paid membership ensures these programs continue.

Membership is $20.00 per family/household, DHS staff $10.00.  Please use the form below and turn in to the school office OR mail to:  DHS PFSA Membership, 19501 Outer Drive, Dearborn, MI 48124.  Make checks payable to DHS-PFSA.  Thank you.

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